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The ROI of QoE

Get the most out of your deployed network!
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QoE is not just about efficient traffic management.

It’s about saving significant money by deferring the Capital Expenditure and Operating Expenditure of network expansion. And it’s about improving customer satisfaction.

Happy customers are loyal customers. Learn what 100 Communication Service Providers (CSPs) had to say about how well-managed congestion and Quality of Experience (QoE) can impact profitability!

Understand the challenges and benefits, such as:

  • 28% of CSPs lack real-time QoE assurance tools
  • 75% of MNOs overspend to expand network capacity
  • DDoS attacks waste up to 10% of MNO capacity
  • 10% ARPU increase through QoE-based SLAs

Presented by:

Ian (002).png

Ian Parkes
Company Director, Coleman Parkes Research

motiGoldstein (1).png
   Moti Goldshtein
AVP Products, Allot Smart

   Michael Schachter
Director of Cybersecurity Product Marketing, Allot

Presented by:
Barry Spielman
Director of Product Marketing, Cybersecurity, Allot

Ian (002).png
Ian Parkes
Owner & Managing Director, Coleman Parkes Research

Eduardo Holgado
Senior Product Manager, Cybersecurity, Allot

itaiGlick (1).png
Itay Glick
VP Cybersecurity Products, Cybersecurity, Allot

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