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Secure the digital doorways into your users’ homes

The home has become the epicenter of our digital environment and your customers’ connected devices are a target; from PCs, tablets, smartphones and IoT devices, to the router that provides connectivity.
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Most consumer-grade “smart” appliances are vulnerable and the home network is wide open to attack. You can differentiate your offering and give your customers peace of mind by fully protecting them at home.

Join Allot and HardenStance to learn how you can:

  • Differentiate your brand and increase customer loyalty
  • Leverage your install base of CPE/home routers and harden the CPE against attack
  • Increase connectivity revenue by 5-10% by blocking all malware on smart home IoT and endpoint devices
  • Add value to your users by eliminating the complexity of managing multiple devices
  • Offer a unified fixed and mobile security service

Presented by:

Angel Fernandez.png

    Angel Fernandez
    AVP Security Solutions, Allot

Itay Glick

    Patrick Donegan
    Founder & Principal Analyst, HardenStance


    Barry Spielman
    Director of Security Product Marketing, Allot

Presented by:

  Barry Spielman
  Director of Product Management


  Eva Apesteguia
  Security Success Marketing Director

  Michael Schachter
  Director of Product Management " alt="presenter" height="110" width="110">
Protect your users at home