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2020 Cyber Threat Report: What Poses the Greatest Danger to Your Subscribers?

Join our webinar to learn how to protect your subscribers from the Cyber Pandemic.
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Now is the time to step up to the cybersecurity challenge. Our 2020 Cyber Threat Report shows that leading European telecoms blocked over 2 billion attacks targeting their users. Join us for a panel discussion to learn how you can build on their experience to keep your customers safe.

 Join us to find out about the attacks blocked on the ground and: 

  • The most significant cyberthreats
  • 2020 cyber threat trends and how they compare to pre-COVID times
  • What’s in store for your users in 2021 and how to ensure their online safety

Presented by:


    Yael Villa
    SVP Cybersecurity


    Barry Spielman
    Director of Cybersecurity Product Marketing

    Nikki Ralston
    Product Marketing, Cybersecurity

    Aaron Martin Olivares
    Cybersecurity marketing Analyst

Presented by:

  Barry Spielman
  Director of Product Management


  Eva Apesteguia
  Security Success Marketing Director

  Michael Schachter
  Director of Product Management " alt="presenter" height="110" width="110">
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