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Keeping your Subscribers Safe in 2022

Discover in our latest Cyber Threat Report how Allot blocked 3 billion malicious URLs at leading European Telcos. 

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Join our cybersecurity experts as they unveil Allot's H2 2021 Telco Cyber Threat Report. Find out the real threats faced by your subscribers and how to keep them safe. 

We'll review real-world data from leading CSPs and share insights into:

  • Prevalent types of website attacks in the second half of 2021 
  • Why viruses are not the biggest threats to your subscribers
  • How to ensure your users’ online safety

Presented by:

itaiGlick (1).png
Itay Glick
VP Cybersecurity Products, Allot


Barry Spielman
Director of Product Marketing, Allot

Aaron Martin Olivares
Cybersecurity Marketing Analyst, Allot
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